Who is Lena Brogato? 

I'm lively and outgoing, but can fall back into my own creative bubble too. 

I'm usually listening to '90s R&B or practicing makeup techniques on my mannequins...aka my best friends. 

I feel most empowered and badass wearing my favorite dark lipstick. I’m not a typical “by the books” type of person. I enjoy the flow of freedom and trying new things. That’s why makeup is my passion. Every session is unique, exciting, enthralling and I love when my clients walk out feeling confident and alive.

Makeup has taught me that every face is unique so, that 's how I treat every consultation... with care, high attention to detail, and an open mind. I have experience with all types of skin tones, and can always find the best solution for what my clients want. That’s what clients always say they love about me: that, before anything else, I’m a listener. 


I take my trade and creativity very seriously, but have built my success around trust and friendship.

I attended Makeup First in Downtown Chicago for my Makeup Artist Certificate. Soon after,  I moved on to esthetician school and got my Esthetician License at the University of Aesthetics in Downers Grove. I've continued to master my trade and techniques with numerous cosmetic brands, like Dior and Laura Mercier, and have been blessed with amazing opportunities that have taken me to work on short films, large productions, and exciting fashion shows.

I’m a habitual learner and love to travel. I love moving around and exploring because I get to soak up all the new things around me and keep expanding my techniques and creativity. I live for what I do...to surround myself with  beauty, people, and positivity every day!

No matter your knowledge, need, or comfort with makeup I always come with the same undying passion that lets us Envision, Evoke, and Express your inner beauty through my makeup and art. 

Come say hi : ) Contact me here!