20 random facts about me

Hey guys!

I thought this would be kind of fun to post to let everyone get to know me beyond the makeup! Hope you enjoy and learn something new... here goes nothin'.

ME! Where it allllll started :)

ME! Where it allllll started :)

1. I could actually live on chips and guacamole. (I make a mean guacamole) It's literally my FAVORITE snack that I could never get sick of.

2. I loooove to cook. People aren't lying when they say its therapeutic. It also allows you to be creative.... and I'm pretty good at it if I do say so myself :D

3. I'm not a cat person at all. There's been some that don't really bother me that much, but DOGS ALL DAY EVERYDAY.

4. My sister is my BFF. As corny as that sounds, we're very close and are together constantly. Probably the closest thing you can get to twins without being born on the same day.... or looking alike lol.  <3 LOVE YOU SISSY <3

5. I've never had a cavity. 

6. I'm the opposite of OCD. Nothing I have is organized and to even hear the word "organizing" makes me cringe... it's actually a quality I wish I could change but for some reason I can't haha

7. I own way more gym shoes/sneakers than I do heels.

8. Coffee has no effect on me. It doesn't wake me up or become more alert, but I still think I need it and have it just about everyday. Maybe it's just the taste? 

9. My nail left thumbnail fell off in elementary school after I slammed it in my grandma's car door. It was truly disgusting.

10. Dark chocolate >>> milk chocolate. White chocolate is nasty to me. 

11. I definitely want to travel to more places in Europe. I went to Italy last year for the first time and it was AMAZING, but left me wanting to see more. 

12. I hate winter, especially winter in Chicago. They're long and miserable. If I never saw a single snowflake for the rest of my life, I couldn't care less. 

13. I hate floral perfumes. One whiff can ruin my whole day and give me the worst headache. 

14. I was named after both of my grandmothers. Lena is my dad's mom and my middle name, Joanne, is my mom's mom.

15. When I was younger and someone would put on a scary movie at sleepovers, I would pretend to fall asleep so I would't have to watch and get scared LOL

16. My very first concert was the Backstreet Boys. My dad surprised my sister and I with them after school one day and we left to see them that night. 

17. I am seriously blind. My prescription is -6.25. Anyone who I let put my glasses on might as well be wearing drunk goggles. 

18. If I can see any artist in concert, living or dead, it would be Michael Jackson. HANDS DOWN

19. My finger/toenail polish HAVE TO MATCH. Always. 

20. My grandpa went to England when I was younger and brought my sister and I back those huge Spice Girls platforms. I'm pretty sure I didn't take them off for a week. I was obsessed. 

Hope you all enjoyed this! Have a great week <3

xo, Lena